relio's eco-twin is the most powerful and efficient run-of-river hydroturbine on the market. 

Its innovative design enables constant renewable electricity output through completely stable operation in a river flow. 

eco-twin is the most cost-effective way to generate substantial electricity from rivers, especially where flexible deployment is required and infrastructure construction such as heads or dams are not desirable or not possible.

Designed for deployment in larger rivers with sufficient volume, the eco-twin hydroturbines generate constant electricity for central grid, isolated grid or off-grid use. Unlike other small hydropower installations they can be installed as single installations or in large arrays, thus providing scalable, flexible and redundant electricity at a site. 

eco-twin - key features

Performance Environment Infrastructure Deployment
750,000 kWh average annual electricity output Virtually no environmental impact Simple, secure anchoring in riverbed Single or array deployment as large turbine parks
85% average capacity factor Wireguard protects fish and prevents clogging and blockages No dam, head or diversion required Central grid, Microgrid,
off-grid or remote location
Levelised Cost of Energy lower than other renewables No environmentally damaging construction required Deployment via crane, boat or the relio hydrocat Main or backup supply for industry
Innovative stable design delivers constant and stable output Safe for accidental shipping interference River depth of 4-5 m required Community power generation
Very low maintenance and 25-30 year lifespan Almost invisible operation below surface Shipped in parts for easy local or on-site assembly Energy storage or backup for intermittent renewable electricity sources

eco-twin deployment

Whether as a single turbine installation or set up as an array of tens or hundreds of hydroturbines, relio eco-twin hydroturbines are the most cost-effective way to generate substantial renewable energy reliably. 

eco-twin hydroturbines are ideal for power companies, power plant developers and EPC contractors as well as industries and communities. Easy installation, minimal environmental impact, low maintenance, low cost per kW and low Levelised Cost of Energy make the eco-twin hydroturbines the electricity source of choice to satisfy electricity demand in river proximity.

Some of the many application areas for relio eco-twin turbines

  • Large arrays in major rivers to feed into central grid
  • Industry main or back-up supply
  • Levelling supply for intermittent renewable sources, such as solar and wind
  • Energy storage
  • Remote location supply
  • Local community power generation schemes
  • Localised supply in countries without central grid 

relio hydrocat

relio hydrocat

The relio hydrocat is a simple, robust and durable catamaran boat, specially designed for the installation and maintenance of relio eco-twin hydroturbines. 

The relio hydrocat is ideally suited for customers who want to buy a tough and specially balanced vessel, built to relio's specifications by reputable boat builders.


relio can enter into joint ventures with energy providers for specific projects. In addition, relio provides vendor finance via third-party leasing firms as well as international renewable energy development finance.

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