Next level run-of-river hydropower

relio develops, manufactures and operates innovative hydropower systems. The relio eco-twin high-efficiency run-of-river hydro turbine is the most advanced hydropower generation system of its kind.

relio eco-twin hydroturbines are the most cost-efficient source of renewable energy. eco-twin hydroturbines can be easily deployed in single or massive array installations to deliver stable electricity at micro-grid or utility scale - all with no environmental impact or carbon emissions.

eco-twin hydro-turbine

eco-twin is an innovative run-of-river hydroturbine delivering some 750,000kWh of constant and stable electricity output - enough to power hundreds or thousands of homes and businesses.

fast and easy deployment - eco-twin turbines can be deployed as single or massive array installations to provide central grid, isolated grid or off-grid electricity near rivers - ideal to main, backup or remote supply. Deployment and maintenance is made easy with relio's hydrocat boat.

environment - eco-twin has minimal environmental impact. Its inbuilt wireguard protects fish and prevents clogging and blockages. More importantly, there is no requirement for any infrastructure construction, such as a head, dam.

cost - the Levelised Cost of Energy of eco-twin hydroturbines is well below that of renewable and conventional electricity sources and with its 25-30 year lifespan, low maintenance it is an ideal power source with low capital outlay and fast deployment time.

features - One eco-twin hydro-turbine generates around 750,000 kWh per year - enough to power many hundreds of homes. The turbines have a lifespan of 30 years, very low maintenance and can easily be deployed in single installations or massive arrays to provide redundant energy for on-grid, off-grid or remote use.

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about relio

relio innovates hydropower systems. The innovative eco-twin run-of-river hydroturbine is the most powerful and efficient product in the market and the first of the relio's hydropower products.

Based in London, relio is run by an internationally experienced team combining commercial and hydro-engineering expertise.

relio focuses on continuous development and support of its innovations and works with global manufacturers, engineering and logistics firms for the production, delivery and maintenance of its products.

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